Have an event? Need a special birthday or holiday gift? We gotchu.

Here at Vital You, we create custom bath bombs and products for a variety of events. Bridal parties, birthdays, holidays, event goodie bags, you name it. No matter if the amount is 1 or 300, we can make it happen. You can choose to have hemp-derived CBD in the bath bomb, the amount of CBD or have them pure, without any-making them safe for kids and everyone! 

At no additional charge, you decide the scents, herbs, flowers, gemstones, size, coloring & we do the rest! To ensure that the product looks & embodies exactly what you are hoping for, a few options will be created for you to choose from.

Email us at to find out about our bundle discounts! We offered a discounted rate per bomb if you order 20 or more, making this a pretty bomb deal!