We have a variety of bath bombs, and are continuously growing our collection. Our signature bath bombs all include pure, hemp-derived local CBD isolate. Unlike many other bath bombs on the market, ours are made with organic colorants, flower essences, organic herbs, essential oils for scent and hydrating organic oils. When we can buy something local, we do. Many other bath bombs that promote themselves as being 'natural,' often times have artificial colorants & scents, as well as chemical additives.

Many, many, many moons of research and trial & error went into perfecting this bomb recipe! We can assure you that our bombs are likely the most holistic bombs on the market. Every ingredient counts and is blended with love to create your final product. 

We make them in very small batches (about 10 at a time,) they cure under the moon surrounded by crystals and are blessed with hand-braided sweet grass or palo santo. We ask your helping spirits to come bless the bombs before they come to you. 

Making these bath bombs is so much more than a product, it's creativity and love transformed into a healing agent & delivered directly to you. 


hemp derived cbd toner mists:

Our lavender hydrosols come from a small, local organic garden in North Boulder, called Wildcat Gardens. It is essentially the water that is created through essential oil distilling. So it contains the benefits on the essential oil, but in a more diluted, and refreshing way.

We mix the hydrosol with a liquid, hemp-derived, locally purchased CBD isolate, flower essences, essential oils, and love to create a relaxing & refreshing mist for you face and body. We add witch hazel to create an toning effect for your skin. Each of our hydrosols have their unique "personality" or use.