M O S S *limited edition* 50mg

M O S S *limited edition* 50mg




A part of our Spring Renewal collection, Moss was designed to be a nourishing, restoring and grounding component to aid in the shift in seasons. With nettle powder, moss agate, herbal-witch hazel and blend of flower essences, Moss asks us to slow down & appreciate the newness that Springtime has to offer us.

Available for a limited time only.

🌱50mg hemp-derived CBD isolate
💧Blend of jasmine, rose, neroli, and ylang-ylang (this blend resembles blueberry pancakes..no joke!)
✨ Chestnut bud FE learning from the past, moving forward into a new way of being, breaking old patterns 

Walnut FE: helps to support and protect us as we move though transitional periods in our lives, helps us adjust to change in a present, secure, and meaningful way

 🌱 Witch hazel infused with Cleavers & Red Clover;

Cleavers: an alterative and lymph mover, helps to decongest our systems and aid detoxification, “spring cleaning” for the body.

Red Clover: also an alterative and lymph mover, supports our detoxification pathways, slightly relaxant, stimulates the vital force!
🌹  Nettles: the ultimate spring tonic! Deeply indicative of springtime, renewal, life springing from earth after a cold winter. Nutritive and vibrant. Stimulates the vital force.

💎 Moss Agate: Resembling the green of springtime
 🎨Gold mica

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